We offer two types of downloadable products: patient clinical cases and pathology collections. The two of them are images of the same or different clinical cases, respectively.

Patient clinical cases consist of one or more images accompanied by medical descriptions. Some photos have duplicate versions with an added rule to give you an idea of the material size.

Pathology collections are a group of only images related to one disease type. In this case, no clinical description is included.

When you download a product, you will get full-resolution and unwatermarked images in one original size and two file formats (JPEG in RGB and CMYK color mode). All iHumanstock images come in 300 DPI (dots per inch).

You can go directly to the Store and download them right there. All our content is completely free.

Yes. All product images are protected by copyright laws.

You can use them anywhere, including digital, print, and broadcast media.
We only ask you to be aware of two points:

a) Avoid situations whether any own final product allows or invites a third party to download or extract any iHumanstock images as a separate file.

b)Photos credit is not legally required unless you use the images in editorial content. In that case, please include the copyright symbol accompanying the company’s name (© iHumanstock).

There is no usage limit once you download the products. So, you can use them as many times as you need.

You can download products without subscribing, but you will need to create an account to proceed with the free-order.

You can re-download products anytime and as many times as you require.

By clicking the Downloads tab in your account, you will be able to check a record of all the products you have downloaded previously.


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